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Plumb Lodge # 862 F&AM
Annual Pig Tails and
Sauerkraut Banquet

Throughout the years of Kentucky Freemasonry, Plumb Lodge #862 F&AM has been noted for its Annual Pig Tails and Sauerkraut Banquet, which is held on the first Friday night in November of each year. On this night, we present service awards to the 25 year, 40 year, 50 year and 60 year members of our Lodge.

The exact date that our Pig Tails and Sauerkraut Banquet began is uncertain, although most seem to believe it started in 1926. It is recorded in our minutes that on March 28, 1918 for a charge of $0.25 per person, a supper of Pig Tails and Sauerkraut was hosted by Plumb Lodge Hall Association, which was shown in net profit at $28.88. This supper in 1918 could have very well been the forerunner of our annual banquet.

In 1927 the Lodge wished to have a banquet at their Past Masterís night and the Master appointed a committee to receive donations to provide a banquet. The first mention of this committee was in the minutes of November 11, 1927, which state that the special refreshments committee for the meeting of the 18th, lacks significant funds to supply ingredients for the occasion. The minutes of November 18, 1927 stated that the lodge was closed at 11:00 PM and all retired to the banquet hall and partook of a Pig Tails and Sauerkraut lunch.

On November 12, 1937, Past Master William Munt (1917) was honored as the founder of the banquet. The cost of the banquet was paid by free-will offerings until 1934, when the Lodge voted to pay the cost out of the treasure. Over the years the banquet grew dramatically for Plumb Lodge. It has been recorded 300+ masons in attendance on this night, with up to 50+ lodges represented. Many Most Worshipful Grand Masters, Most Worshipful Past Grand Masters, Grand Lodge Officers and committee members have been in attendance for the banquet over the decades.

It is hard to imagine from a simple luncheon, conceived because of a lack of significant funds, has grown a banquet that has become known throughout the state of Kentucky. Our Annual Pig Tails and Sauerkraut Banquet is held the first Friday night in November of each year. The banquet is for Master Masons only, so if you have never dined with us on this occasion we would love to have you at our next Annual Pig Tails and Sauerkraut Banquet.

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