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PLUMB LODGE Scholarship Dinner - Held on 07/23/2016
the Common Gavel Club Halloween Dance - 10/17/2015
PLUMB LODGE Scholarship Dinner - Held on 07/18/2015
Our 2015 Installation of Officers - HELD ON 01/02/2015
Plumb Lodge Pancake Breakfast - 11/22/2014
PAST MASTERS, Pig Tails & Sauerkraut NIGHT - 11/02/2014
Plumb Lodge Scholarship Dinner - 07/26/2014
All You Can Eat Breakfast - Held on 02/22/2014
Our 2014 Installation of Officers - HELD ON 01/04/2014
Plumb Lodge Scholarship Dinner for 2013
MASTER MASON Degree CONFERRAL - Held on 04/26/2013
Plumb Lodge Scholarship Dinner - Held on 06/23/2012
All You Can Eat Breakfast - Held on 09/24/2011
Plumb Lodge Scholarship Dinner - Held on 06/25/2011
Our 2011 Installation of Officers - 01/2011
Annual Christmas Party - 12/11/2010
Pig Tails and Sauerkraut Banquet - 11/05/2010
Multiple Lodge gathering Picnic - 09/12/2010
Plumb Lodge Pancake Breakfast - 08/28/2010
Plumb Lodge Pancake Breakfast - 01/23/2010
Our 2010 Installation of Officers - 01/02/2010
Annual Christmas Party - 12/20/2009
Plumb Lodge Easter Party - 04/04/2009
Plumb Lodge Pancake Breakfast - 02/28/2009
Our 2009 Installation of Officers - 01/03/2009
Annual Christmas Party - 12/06/2008
Pig Tails and Sauerkraut Banquet - 11/07/2008
Flag day observance - 06/2008
Our 2008 Installation of Officers - 01/2007
Plumb Lodge Pancake Breakfast - 01/26/2008
Pig Tails and Sauerkraut Banquet - 11/2007
Our 2007 Installation of Officers - 01/05/2007
Annual Christmas Party - 12/09/2006
Pig Tails and Sauerkraut Banquet - 11/03/2006
Past Masters Night - 07/22/2006
ACS Relay for Life - 06/09/2006 - 06/10/2006
Plumb Lodge Easter Party - 04/08/2006
Plumb Lodge Pancake Breakfast - 04/01/2006
Our 2006 Installation of Officers - 01/07/2006
Our Past Masters and Widows Night - 2005

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