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Plumb Lodge Past Masters - 1913 to Present


1913 Samuel Sidney Foss 1967 Joseph W. Lewis
1914 Samuel Sidney Foss 1968 Sydney G. Allen
1915 Frank Beal Alford 1969 E. Paul Phillips
1916 Arthur Mack Kelley 1970 Paul A. Suter
1917 William Munt 1971 Denver G. Ward
1918 Earl Preston 1972 William T. Sander, Jr.
1919 Frederick Max Warns 1973 Charles H. Stirsman
1920 John W. South 1974 Raymond C. Orr
1921 Lindsey Stanton Alvey 1975 Francis A. Stovall/Raymond C. Orr
1922 Walter Ohmann Layman 1976 Charles R. Allen
1923 Raymond Wesley Hall 1977 O’Connell C. Wilson
1924 Raymond Wesley Hall 1978 William E. Olsen
1925 Raymond Wesley Hall 1979 F. Wallace Boyd
1926 Jesse Walter Jones 1980 Maxie Scott
1927 Lee Roy Berry 1981 William P. Landers, Jr.
1928 Henry Augustus Gibson 1982 James W. Ballinger, Sr.
1929 Beverly Owen Smith 1983 C. Dewey Hensley
1930 George Albert Leavers, Sr. 1984 David French
1931 Thomas W. Blackwell 1985 Robert N. Cherry
1932 Thomas Marshall Ellis 1986 E. Paul Phillips
1933 James A. Haubenrich 1987 Jimmy D. Lloyd
1934 Dudley Roberts 1988 David K. Judd, Sr.
1935 Dudley Roberts 1989 Dennis H. Rutledge
1936 Harley Dever 1990 Woodrow H. Wilson
1937 Charles K. Bush, Jr. 1991 Michael D. Covington
1938 Alvin Edward Pitt 1992 Robert E. Betz
1939 Jesse Clive Brummett 1993 Floyd H. Booth
1940 John Adrian Taber 1994 Robert N. Cherry
1941 Grasto E. Gabhart 1995 Donald R. Jackson
1942 Ernest Russell Hotlzclaw 1996 Robert G. Nolley
1943 Renus Frank 1997 James C. Reichert
1944 Garth Carwell 1998 Stephen D. Clements
1945 William Earl Hilton 1999 Terry L. Carby
1946 Ashley Paul Reece 2000 Daniel Covington
1947 Oldon B. Young 2001 Winston E. Wilson
1948 William Owen Hodges 2002 Name Omitted
1949 Cloyd Pendleton Gibson 2003 John E. Shelton, Sr.
1950 Elbert Duffy Nash 2004 Michael E. Hale
1951 Kenneth P. Rinehart 2005 Henry F. Watson, Jr.
1952 Orbin Newton Dorris 2006 Cory R. Stovall, Sr.
1953 Stuart Charles Bratcher 2007 Thomas R. Stovall
1954 William Criswell Suter 2008 Randell Shelton
1955 Chester Arthur Riley 2009 Danny G. Groce
1956 Howard Dwight Ownbey 2010 Charles McFall
1957 John A. Lile 2011 Kevin Skaggs
1958 Phillip W. Magel, Jr. 2012 Danny G. Groce
1959 Jack Winston Dempsey 2013 John P. Summers
1960 Gilbert Lee Minzenberger 2014 John E. Shelton, Sr.
1961 Willie Woodrow Sandidge 2015 Timothy L. Caudill
1962 Acie Durrell Milner 2016 Timothy L. Caudill
1963 George Sherman Collier 2017 Wayne S. Snodgrass
1964 Floyd H. Booth 2018  
1965 Joseph L. Starrett 2019  
1966 Harry B. Fledderman 2020  
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